DevTracker is the integration of development and resource management in one organization-wide software development and management tools. Able to ensure information security, based on time, low-cost high-quality software products.

Through unremitting efforts, Dalian Co-Creating Software Co., Ltd has formed a set of its own quality management system. This system is based on customer satisfaction as a starting point, the integration of ISO9001 and CMM process management philosophy, to achieve the company's quality policy and objectives, and to provide customers with high quality software products and services.

Information security and business product (service) quality is equally important. Information security is fundamental to maintain customer trust origin, is the company's "life".

  • Jun. 16th 2011
    Participate in the China international software and information service fair 2011.
  • Apr. 6th 2011
    Fund-raising for Japan Earthquake.
  • Mar. 31th 2011
    The Capital has been changed.(1,350,000RMB->2,600,000RMB)
  • Oct. 25th 2010
    Revision of the company HP.
  • Oct. 18th-20th 2010
    The second ISO27001:2005 external examination.
  • Oct. 15th 2010
    Newly graduated recruitment beginning